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AL QESMAH PACKAGING MAT INDUSTRIES LTD. is one of UAE’s leading and most technically advanced carton manufacturers. Started in 1996, we have grown to a fully fledged packaging company providing packaging solutions that maximize the output of our customers’ diverse range of products.

Maximum care and a number of measures are taken to reduce the environment pollution in each phase of our manufacturing processes. We do not emit or dispose of any hazardous wastes from our factories other than in approved ways. We do emit any CFC gases in production, or raw materials which themselves have been made using CFC's. Particular attention is given to minimizing the consumption of energy resources.

Al Qesmah Packaging is a member of the Packaging Federation, an organization formed specifically to promote and develop better. Other Accreditations if any and details

Our aim is to become the one of the best manufacturers of cartons within the fast moving consumables market. This aim will be fulfilled by means of organic growth, acquisition and continuous improvement, in true partnership with our customers and strategic suppliers.

Al Qesmah Packaging is well equipped with all the facilities required to meet your specific and diverse needs. Our customer oriented approach, special attention towards quality services and timely delivery have earned us a large clientele in this business. The company is known as one of the leading packaging solution provider. We have a long list of reputed clients.

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